The ATOL team

Marie-Christine Meunier-Salaün

Research engineer at the laboratory PEGASE Physiology, environment and genetic for animal and livestoch system at INRA Saint-Gilles, France

ATOL roles: curator of the group “welfare trait” expert for pig, curator of the ontology AHOL

Catherine Hurtaud

UMR 1348 INRA-Agrocampus Ouest PEGASE (Physiology, environment, genetics for animal and livestock systems), food and nutrition team, 35590 Saint-Gilles

Center of Brittany-Normandy

Non-class research engineer

Curator in the fields “mammary gland and milk production trait” and “egg quality”

Jérôme Bugeon

Research engineer at INRA’s Fish Physiology and Genomics Institute of its Rennes Centre

Role within ATOL: curator of its “Growth and meat production” aim and trout expert. Curator of the “Fatty liver” aim

Role within EOL: Aquaculture systems expert