The AHOL ontology (Animal Health Ontology for Livestock) was built collaboratively within a network of experts in the livestock health field, in order to describe production diseases (GISA metaprogram or Integrated management of animal health). Its structure is based on the type of disease: communicable, non communicable, genetic, metabolic, physical or psychological. The properties of […]


The EOL ontology describes environmental conditions of livestock farms. More specifically, it describes the feeding modalities, the environment, the structure of livestock farms and rearing systems.


ATOL (Animal Trait Ontology for Livestock) is an ontology of characteristics defining phenotypes of livestock in their environment (EOL). ATOL aims to: – provide a reference ontology of phenotypic traits of farm animals for the international scientificand educational – communities, farmers, etc.; – deliver this reference ontology in a language which can be used by […]